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This is a support site of of Savaric Whiting Ltd –  web site - Savaric.com - have a look at this web site for further information about us.

Our company offers a consulting service to individuals and corporations, with the purpose of helping them achieve their objectives and flourish in a sustainable fashion. This company started by working with conventional companies and in recent years has worked with charities and not-for-profit companies.

In some of these, the initiating individuals were working consciously with the ‘Guidance of Divine Wisdom’. Working with these projects led to understanding that there is a specialised way of understanding, accessing, listening to and using this ‘Guidance’, and then applying this information to the task of obtaining the necessary conventional resources needed for the project to flourish

We call this specialised way of working an ‘Enabling Process’. 

This requires the skills of a specalised `interpreter'

That is the ability to listen to and understand the source of inspiration of the initiator, and then interpret this vision into practical terms that will be acceptable to the essential providers of material resource.

We think it may help others,  faced with similar situations,  if we share what we have learnt about this process. In order to present our ideas with clarity, we have set up this web site:

SavaricEnable.com – Here we look specifically at how the Wisdom may be accessed and applied to the solution of conventional material problems. Because of the specialised nature of the site, we are able to look at aspects that might not be conventionally acceptable, but have been proved to work.

The Enabling Process needs an attitude and approach summarised as follows:

  • An acceptance of a ‘Higher Consciousness’ and the Wisdom available
  • The ability to access this consciousness and listen to what it has to say
  • The ability to listen to people so inspired
  • The ability to interpret this inspiration and put it into words acceptable to conventional sources of support.
  • The ability to speak fluently to the providers of the material resources needed
  • An organisation able to carry out these various functions and to deliver a useful service in solving practical problems.

 In this website we look at various aspects of this process and, in particular look at the skills needed by what we call ‘Enablers’ – individuals and organisations able to facilitate this unusual process and to help the initiators to achieve their objectives.

In our page on Program  - we give an introduction to the site and a suggested program for using this site  

To support this site,  we have set up two new specialised sites where we are able to concentrate upon the particular facets we are addressing – These are:

SavaricWisdom.com – In this site we explore the concept of a Higher Wisdom and the way it may be accessed. It goes by many names, including the ‘Ageless Wisdom’ and the ‘Perennial Philosophy’.ce.

SavaricGlaston.com – in this site we look at Glastonbury in the UK – We include information on this company as it is a town with many examples of projects inspired by the Wisdom. it is an interesting town with two aspects. For many, it is seen as a conventional Somerset Market Town - for others it is a world recognised centre or spiritual transformation and pilgrimage.

Over the years these two aspects have tended to be in conflict, but there is a growing understanding of the need for both aspects flourish in order for the whole to prosper.  

We think it is worth looking at this town context of our exploration of ‘Enabling;’ in that many projects, over the years, have been inspired by access to the World of the Spirit This was the case in the early days, with monks setting up the great Abbey of Glastonbury – and has continued in later years,  particularly in the 20th,  and now the 21st century.

These sites are being developed and we are regularly adding new pages

if you’re interested in sharing ideas with us then please contact us at