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This is a support site of Savaric Whiting Ltd – web site - Savaric.com – see this web site for further information about us.

Our company offers a consulting service to individuals and corporations, with the purpose of helping them achieve their objectives and flourish in a sustainable fashion. This company started by working with conventional companies and in recent years has worked with charities and not-for-profit companies.

In some of these, the initiating individuals were working consciously with the ‘Guidance of Divine Wisdom’. Working with these projects led to understanding that there is a specialised way of understanding, accessing, listening to and using this ‘Guidance’, and then applying this information to the task of obtaining the necessary conventional resources needed for the project to flourish

This has led us in recent years to understand that there is an important stage in building an inspired projectand this needs to be supplied by what we call  and that the han Enabler - and the resuling procedure an Enabling Process.  

Apart from the Enabling stages,  the work needed is as it has always been. So in this web site  some of the pages are from earlier years before we fully understood the enabling process


In this website we look at the Enabling Process as a whole - and its four stages:

Processas a whole

Inspiration  - The originating idea flowing from knowing how to access the Wisdom - recording the information that is received - then envisioning the action needed to bring the project into reality.

Resources - Knowing how to negotiate with conventional sources of finance and the other resources that are needed to build a sustainable and effective project.

Enabler - The  skills needed to understand the initiating vision and to be able to put this into the words needed in order to gain the interest of the necessary resources

Create – set up an organisation to coordinate and supervise all aspects of the process in order to produce a satisfactory result from the commissioning client.


We look at how this process is seen to be working, in the town of Glastonbury UK. in our web site – SavaricGlaston.com - this town offers a range of services on accessing the Wisdom and raising levels of consciousness


We are exploring a method of using the intuition

 to help in creating practical projects

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