Details about us are given in our web site - Savaric.com

On our draw down page - Information - we give details of books, websites and other sources of information on esoteric matters

In this page, we give an outline of the origins, and contents, of our sister websites.


Savaric.com -   the web site of Savaric Whiting Ltd - a company offering a consulting service to individuals and corporations, with the purpose of helping them achieve their objectives and flourish in a sustainable fashion. This is the company that initiated our current interest in 'Wisdom Inspired' solutions to practical problems.

SavaricWisdom.com A support Site in which we go into more detail on Spirituality,and Higher Levels Consciousness- and the Wisdom that is accessible with fluency on these realms. A deeper understanding of the Wisdom is essential when working with our concept of Enabling.

SavaricGlaston –  A support Site in which we look at Glastonbury in the UK – a town with interesting examples of projects that have been created and sustained using a combination of Wisdom and practical material help – classic examples of Enabled projects.  I

These sites are being actively developed and we are regularly adding new pages

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our email - savaric.w@gmail.com