Below wegive some information on organisations  involved in the process we are exploring 


In this section give details of the services that we offer and some examples of inspired projects that are flourishing

As a start,  please see our drawdown page on Buckfast Abbey

'Wisdom' Web Sites = how Science and Spirituality can be fused in a single integrated system of thinking - This search for harmony and inner peace, for self-fulfilment, self-realization, peace of mind, for calmness - Excellent encyclopaedia of Theosophical terms - Exploration of Gnosis and Hermetic beliefs   - An excellent source of information on Esoteric matters

Glastonbury Web Sites what’s on in the town.

https://glastonbury.uklisting of local activities sacred well, gardens and events - range of support services to individuals and projects a look at unconventional Glastonbury


Both available from Glaston Centre Ltd

Taylor, Barry - A Pilgrim in Glastonbury – ISBN 0-9533203-6-7

Taylor, Barry - Creating Spiritually Inspired Projects - ISBN 978-1-78507-208-6

E-Book available on


There are hundreds if not thousands of relevant books.

Most are obtainable through Amazon and the following useful site:

Below are a few as an introduction to our subject

Steiner, Rudolf – Knowledge of Higher Worlds

Three Initiates – The Kybalion – Hermetica

Farthing, Geoffrey ADeity, Cosmos and Man – Theosophy

Besant, AnnieThe Ancient Wisdom - Theosophy and Perennial Philosophy

Holman, JohnThe Return of the Perennial Philosophy