Here we look at a brief summary of the Enabling Process that lies at the heart of this specialised way of creating a project. We expand on these ideas in pur main pages

The  'Enabler' is essentially an 'Interpreter'

who translatess the ideas of the 'Inspired'
into concepts acceptable by the 'Convetional'

Enabling is the ‘Process’ by which the Wisdom of Intuition and Higher Consciousness is accessed and made available in order to solve a practical problem.

The Key 'Ingredients'

Wisdom - The process starts with an understanding, and acceptance, of te concept of there being a fund of Wisdom available in the world of the Spirit -  a 'higher level of consciousness' .

Access - This Wisdom is accessible through the intermediary and interpretive help of dis-incarnate beings we might think of as 'guides'.

InspirationThe start of the process is an idea for a possible project transmitted, by these guides, to a suitably 'Inspired' individual. An individual able to work with this guidance.

If, after consideration, the individual undertakes to do what is necessary to bring this project into being, then undertaking is received by the inspiring guides and they,

accepting that the idea is now grounded,

set about helping the project to materialise and flourish. This involves inspiring the necessary people and resources to make themselves available to support the project.

This is where we meet our key problem – namely that individuals so inspired are often unwilling to understand the needs of the providers of the resources they require to bring the project into being

Resources - material resources such as finance, property and  equipment will be required to enable the project to flourish.  The providers of these resources will require concrete plans defining objectives, outcomes and sustainablity - such firm requirements will often be quite contrary to the ideas of the 'Inspired'.

Enabler - the task of the 'Enabler' is to be is to be able to understand the vision of the Inspired one and to interpret and translate this concept into a concrete plan that will be understandable, and potentially supportable, by the providers of the resources. The Enabler may also help and support the setting up of a suitable Vehicle to deliver the project.

Vehicle - a vehicle will be needed to set up the planned project and to deliver the eventual services,  whatever they may be. The Inspired one might handle this as an individual, or decide to set up a suitable company. 

Client - The inspired individual needs to have an initial idea of who the  potential clients will be, and the services that will be delivered.. This can be modified and expanded as the project develops. 

Outcome -  If the Inspired one keeps going, despite apparent obstacles and vicissitudes.  If constant contact is held with the original vision, and this is allowed to adapt and flow, then eventually the envisioned result will be achieved.

It is necessary to accept that the final result may be different to the original objective

but if the project has be kept in harmony with the inspiration, the result will be the correct one.

it may be that it took a slightly different path to get the project started, and only once it was beginning to mature could the steps be defined that were needed to achieve the real objective. 

In the pages that follow, we give further information on our subject.