The paper below was written in 2007 – since then we've learnt more about the Enabling Process - particularly when applying to a project involving finance, staff and facilities and we look at this in our page on Process – but the below still gives a useful indication of how individual works when creating an individual, inspired  project'

On  our drawdown page on Building is another paper written in 2007.  this describes the stages needed when building a community project - again it does not define the need for the intermediary stage of an Enabler  but nonetheless gives a useful indication of what is neededin  practical terms


Here we look at how the initiator sets about creating a new project 

Information is Accessed (see Access The starting point is being able to find this information from one of the hierarchy of Beings (see Guidance) that understand the plan of the One – and are operating on the spiritual plane.

The original idea for a new project often comes in the form of ‘intuitive flashes’. These are ideas that spontaneously occur in the mind during the day, or during dreams, which indicate that there is a possible course of action to be taken.  

These intuitive flashes can be built upon by asking for the help of the individual’s Higher Self in meditation or whatever practices are followed. If one ‘asks’ and ‘listens’ carefully, the information necessary to take the plan forward will be given, at least the initial steps.

Stages of the Creative Process

 Stage 1  - The Initiator accepts the teaching of the Wisdom - that there is a Divine One, and that this Divine One has a plan for the development of consciousness, intelligence and spiritual awareness throughout the cosmos.

They accept that the plans of this One are accessible to individual incarnate human beings, providing the correct practices are followed - and having accessed the Divine Mind, it then becomes possibleto ascertain just what the individual’s role might be in helping this plan to materialize.

This raises the interesting subject of Faith.  This does not mean believing what we have been told by others or things we have read, but a ‘knowing’ in our heart that a concept is true – it is true for us even though it may not appear to be true for others – it is a truth that has reached us through our Higher Self and its access to the Divine levels of the Cosmos.

An incarnate human being is unlikely to be able to access directly the all powerful and incomprehensible mind of the One.  Nonetheless there is an infinite hierarchy of spiritual beings available to transmit this information at a level appropriate to the individual seeking to find it. But these beings can only be contacted if the seeking individual is following the correct procedure and is using their Higher Self rather than their everyday lower self,

Stage 2 - They accept the existence of ‘Akasa’ (see Glossary) - that there is an unformed, immaterial substance from which all is created, and that an idea held in this substance starts to create the idea in material reality.

Stage 3 - They envisage the part that they are being asked to play, in the divine plan of the One. They make a firm decision to accept this role and put all their energy into endeavouring to achieve the defined objective

Stage 4 - When the decision is made to move forward, and the project is clearly understood, then the start is to visualize what is to be brought into to being. This needs to be clear in every detail, as far as it is understood at that the moment, and needs an indication of the timing of when this is to be achieved.

Once the idea has been formalized, then the clearly visualized plan is consciously placed into the formless Akasa.

This is the start of the process. But our Initiator, with limited spiritual powers, has to adopt certain personal attitudes in order to ensure that the impact on the Akasa is sufficient to have real effect. These include:

Peace – The need to remain calm, peaceful and detached from any external sources of disturbance.

Power – The need to hold the awareness that available is the ability, the strength, skill and confidence to bring the conceived idea into being,

Secrecy – The idea that is being brought into being should only be shared with those who appear to be part of the plan, and who fully understand exactly what is being brought into being. Under no circumstances should the idea be shared with those who are not able to understand it, as this only leads to destructive negativity and disbelief.

Confidence - there needs to be complete confidence that the idea envisaged will come into being – and there needs to be held a clear picture of how things will be be when the project has been completed and is thriving.

Active - It's also necessary to be active in the world – projects can only be brought into being if one is working in the world with the people and resources that will be needed.   It is not enough to visualize the objective – there has to be practical activity in the world to bring it about.

Access - Throughout the process, there is the need to keep in close touch with the help that is available from the Beings supporting the project in the spirit world, and to make whatever adjustments or changes may be necessary to the original plan.

Stage 5  - There is a further stage before Akasa can begin its magical work. The initiator needs to visualize the powerful energy of the Divine Will flowing into the new concept. This is not only imparting energy to the project, but also imbuing the initiator with love, power, enthusiasm and confidence in the project’s spiritual worth and eventual fulfillment.

 The above steps having been taken, a magical process then starts. The idea held in Akasa, and supported by the activities of the initiator, awakes a response in the intelligence of the Akasa. It begins to think that this is a good idea and reaches out to those resources and people who are able to help it come into being. The result of this is that offers of help and resources flow in from totally unexpected places. The Initiator needs the sensitivity to understand that these unexpected resources are part of what is needed, and to respond appropriately.

Stage 6  - The project has been started - but there is the on-going question of how to keep it going. Any new project is continually being affected by entropy, the withdrawal of energy, and the mischievous effects of Astral entities that would like to see the project destroyed. (see Problems)

Experience has shown that there are certain actions necessary in order to keep the new project growing and flourishing. These can be listed briefly as follows:

  • Complete clarity of vision and purpose
  • Continuing contact with the inspiring spiritual guidance
  • Complete clarity of contract and obligations with all individuals involved
  • Enthusiasm and joy in working in the project
  • Complete faith in its ultimate achievement and its value to the community at large 

If the holding the vision and of the completed process is continued

with tenacity and purpose then the project will come into being.

It has to be remembered, however, that sometimes the originating idea has been triggered off by the beneficial entities of the cosmos, but the timing may not be right.  It may appear that the project has failed to really flourish and thrive, but what then happens is that it continues, like a dormant glowing ember.

Tat some magical moment in the future, when the time is right and the local community are receptive to the idea, people come forward with new energy that enables the idea to burst into life and to flourish.

The steps are universal but the way in which the individual takes each step will always be something for a personal decision.

But the process, when lovingly followed, does work