Here we look at the professional skills needed to understand the initiating vision and to be able to put this into the words needed in order to gain the interest of the necessary resources

The Enabler requires the skills of a specialised `interpreter'

That is the ability to listen to and understand the source of inspiration of the initiator, and then interpret this vision into practical terms that will be acceptable to the essential providers of material resource.

The Enabler needs an attitude and approach that may be summarised as follows:

  • An acceptance of a ‘Higher Consciousness’ and the Wisdom available
  • The ability to access this consciousness and listen to what it has to say
  • The ability to listen to people so inspired
  • The ability to interpret this inspiration and put it into words acceptable to conventional sources of support.
  • The ability to speak fluently to the providers of the material resources needed
  • An organisation able to carry out these various functions and to deliver a useful service in solving practical problems.

They also need to understand the strange dichotomy with which they are working

we look at this in more detail in our drawdown pages

Paradox -  Balance -  Dichotomy -  Harmony