The Objects of this site, and its supporting sites, are to:

Work with others to:
  • Expand awareness and understanding of the 'Wisdom'.
  • Explore the contribution the ‘Wisdom’ is able to make to the solution of contemporary practical problems, both individual and corporate.
  • Expand awareness of the town of Glastonbury, UK, as a centre of Pilgrimage and Spiritual Transformation
  • Link up with individuals and projects interested in these concepts
Work towards achieving our Objects by:

Using our Web Sites - to share ideas on:

  • Understanding the Wisdom 
  • Accessing the Wisdom 
  • Developing a personal life of the spirit
  • Using the Wisdom to help build inspired projects 
  • Glastonbury as an inspired town

In Time - Provide further Books, Papers and Courses 

We are actively addressing these objects 

If you are interested in any of these concepts - and would like to share your ideas with us

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